Tips for Selling Silver Coins

Do not clean your coins – Cleaning coins results in altering their original surfaces, which in turn devalues them. Even if they appear in need of sprucing up to sell for a higher value, resist cleaning them.

Do not organize your coins – Chances are that your efforts will be in vain. Our staff at London Coin Galleries purchases coins daily. We are thorough and proficient. Your attempts to organize will only hamper our efficiency.

Do not attempt to evaluate your own coins – If you are not a professional numismatist, your attempts to evaluate your coins will only result in false information and frustration. Numismatics is a specialty field. It requires years of experience to authenticate and evaluate coins. The value of a coin is based on condition and rarity. Market values fluctuate daily. While the price in a book or on eBay may seem attractive, it’s not likely your coin will possess the same value.

Procure more than one offer – It’s prudent to obtain more than one cash offer for your coins. We encourage this, and we wish all business whether buying or selling to be done in good faith. In acquiring other offers, you will find that London Coin Galleries is paying you the highest value for your coins. This will result in peace of mind that you were treated fairly.

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